Creating Typo3 Backend User with Permissions

First, you have to create a backend group, if the desired group already exists move to Section 2
  1. Go to List (You should be in root)
  2. Create new record and create Backend user group.
  3. Fill in Grouptitle
  4. In Access List tab, check “Include Access Lists:” Here you will select what access the group will have. Example:
    1. In Modules, check the modules you have the group to have access to. (Basic: Web, Page, View, List, Workspaces, Info, Functions, File, Filelist)
    2. Check everything in Tables, Page types, and Allowed exclude fields.
  5. In Mounts and Workspaces tab, you will select what access the user group will have when uploading or viewing the files in the system.
    1. Check Edit Live (Online)
    2. Create or Select a File Mount.
    3. Check File operation permissions.
  6. Save
  1. Go to Admin Tools/Backend users and create a user
  2. Fill in Username, Password and select group (If you want the user to have all access, check “Admin(!)”)
  3. In Mounts and Workspaces tab
    1. Check all for Workspace Permissions and Mount from groups.
    2. Select DBMounts by clicking the folder in the right side. Here you will choose what pages the user will have access to.
  4. Save
  5. Go to Root and Select Web/Access in the left menu.
  6. Here you will check that the page you want the user to access has the right permissions. (Make sure Depth is high so you can see all the pages). Owner should either be the user group (if you only want that user group to access that page) or a BE user or none. Group should be set to user group .
That’s it.

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